Traffic Alarm Clock

Always Punctual

Traffic Alarm Clock

Always be punctual for meetings and other occasions.

Smart Meeting Reminder

Get to your meetings in time.

Traffic Alarm Clock helps you to get to your important meetings and other occasions in time considering the traffic situation. With the built-in smart notifications it will catch your attention for sure!

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Smart Live Traffic Tracking

While you're in a meeting or sleeping, Traffic Alarm Clock will automatically check the traffic situation on your route and notify you right on time. Just set your destination location and desired arrival time and Traffic Alarm Clock will do the rest.

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Smart Calendar Access

Set meeting reminders for your calendar events and Traffic Alarm Clock will automatically set the destination location and times.

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Smart Meeting Notifications

The built-in contextual notification sounds will tell you what's up. Instead of meaningless melodies you will hear clear voice messages like "you have a meeting" or "you have to catch the train".
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